The Video You've Watched The Most

Ok, so I watch too many cooking videos as many of you do as well. Post your all time favorite! Here's the one I've probably watched the most. Long but I love these guys...

I love their way of editing, reminds me of the tool time fence guy, never see the faces, lots of hand gestures for later editing.
Here's one from MOJO. I love this guy. It's not the one I've watched the most but it is one that makes me laugh. He forgot to "mash" the record button so he brought out a cardboard "stunt double" of his steak. Cracks me up!

Bbqright , Mad Scientist BBQ, are both good. in general, I prefer youtubers who aren't yelling all the time trying to make fake excitement, or playing rock music. I have an old soul :)

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