The 1150 Pro Saga Continues


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Dec 5, 2020
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Oakdale, CA
Well, I don't know whether I am going to eat crow again but I've actually grown to love the taste - lol. I am now on my 3rd controller for my 1150 Pro pellet grill and have finally given up. The first controller didn't hold temps anywhere, the second one only did smoke temps well and the last one, well... let's just say I can't use it because the auger has jammed out of nowhere. I would be happy to clean it out but the screws they use are way too soft of a metal and who ever assembled this unit had the driver way too much torque on the settings. Every time I try to unscrew it a bolt gets stripped and is unrepairable. I have used a screw driver, drill and hammer drill to loosen them up but always wind up having to use the reverse drill bit to remove the screws. Even the screw extractor bits I have only strip the head.
I called PitBoss yesterday and told them I either wanted a new unit or my money back. I was told that a supervisor would get back to me with in 24-48 hours but after reading some of the comments here I would be surprised if it happens. Not sure what to do at this point if I don't get an answer..
I'll keep you posted...

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