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Dec 26, 2021
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Questions new to pellet grills
My grill is about one year old. I set my temperature to let's say 250 and the pit temp never settled in. Jumps around 300 to 180 back to 310 to 230. Is this normal or do I need to change the temperature prob.
I would call Pit Boss Tech support 877 303 3134 option 2, it shouldn't be all over the place like that. It's under warranty.
Out side temp 40° over an the cook was a 2 hour cook and it never stabilized
OK, I’d be interested in hearing what support says.
Just to toss this out there, but I’ve found that multiple factors will affect the inside temps.
Ambient temps and wind.
Opening and closing the door.
Putting cold meat in the smoker.
A change in the smoker temp setting also seems to stir things up for a while. It’s almost like when more pellets are called for when it’s desired to raise the inside temp it actually cools off a bit before the heating kicks in. My theory is that the sudden addition of pellets reduces the heat generated from the pot for just a bit, until the new pellets get going. The smoker temp graph seems to bear this out.
It has happen a few times and the code is Er1. when we looked it up it stated that the censor was not clean. we have cleaned it a few times now and it still shows up as Er1.
The issue is that when it has been heated up as stated in the book we turn it down to 150 for slow smoking and cooking. once it hits 150 it seems to work good for about 15 minutes then the temperature drops and the smoker shuts off.

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