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Temperature off by 50degrees


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Dec 22, 2020
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Sandy Ego
Model: 4 Series Vertical Pellet.
Issue: The temperature control is not reading/maintaining the correct temperature. The Temp Control displays a temperature within a few degrees of the setpoint but when verified by multiple independent probs the actual temperature inside the smoker is significantly lower. I discovered this because 7hrs into a cook the internal temperature of the meat started dropping. I confirmed the internal temp with another reliable instant-read meat thermometer. I then added 2 additional temp probs to 2 shelves within the grill and confirmed that both probs measured within a few degrees of each other and all read 50F lower than the temperature displayed by the grill. To achieve a cook temp of 225F I had to set the grill to 275F.

The internal prob is clean of any grease buildup.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
I have a vertical and have never had this problem. You should contact PB customer support and they can help. It might be a bad internal probe which is a common problem and there are YouTube videos on how to change them out.