Temperature change upon opening the smoker

Steve In Pa

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Nov 3, 2021
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Southcentral Pennsylvania
Not really a problem, but just an it is what it is thing.
Here's a graph pic of my vertical Pit Boss temps. Note the change when I opened it to load the ribs.
Then notice how long it too to get back to desired temp.
Seems normal. Lost the heat by opening it, then the cold of the ribs that it is giving off, will take a little time for the temperature to come back up.
I agree, the visual helps bring it home.

This would tie to the recommendation to set temp higher a bit at warm up, then roll back once the meat is placed in.
That's the reason people say. When you're lookin you're not cookin!
Very true. For my most recent smoke once I put the ribs in I did not open until it was time for the next phase.
But I'm still new at this and I need some reassurance all's going well. So I use the meat probes to let me see how it's going inside. They've been pretty reliable.

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