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Oct 11, 2020
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1 issue I've been having is the grill starts off fine, but will go out and check on it and the "actual temperature" is showing flashing dashes. The grill is set on 250 and the hopper is full and the temp on the hood says 100-110. Then I got it going again and kept the temp at 250 and the hood said 500 and when I opened it you could see the flames coming out. I'm at a loss. I messed with it for at least an hour and brought the meat inside and threw it in the oven. PLEASE HELP!
Sounds like your auger is over feeding and not turning off. When that happens it snuffs out the flame and then continues to feed pellets and overflow. When that happens and you don't remove the pellets from the firepot it will create a huge fire and get temps over 500.

Take everything out, grates, heat shield and pellets from the firepot. Make sure it is cleaned out. Turn the unit on and watch it with the heat shield and grates off. See if it feeds pellets without stopping once it starts up. If that's the case it is an auger issue.

Is this a new grill? If it is then the wiring might be backwards, this is a common issue.

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