Temp 100 degrees to high....


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Jun 20, 2021
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Hampstead NC
Just got a Pit Boss 1000SC2 .... When I'm starting it and bringing it to temp it get 100 degrees to hot then decreases to the correct temp. Ex... Got it started on smoke and went to 225 degrees. In a few minutes it was at 350, but went back down. That's normal?
Did you follow the initial burn/curing instructions for the grill? What part of the grill was telling you the temp was that high? Was it the lid or the digital display?
Yes I followed the initial startup. Digital is what I was going off of. The temp drops back to normal, but starts off high.
Mine does the same thing. I normally let it run for about 20 minutes on set temp until it backs off to 225 and no problems after that.

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