Tailgater owner looking to upgrade.


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Mar 24, 2021
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Hi everyone!

I've been using my tailgater non-stop since I got it over a year ago, it was perfect for my small apartment balcony. I have recently upgraded the balcony to a patio...behind my new (to me) cabin. Needless to say an upgrade is in order.

I have loved my tailgater, will most likely keep it, but I am going to be cooking for more people now & need more cooking area.

So which grill should I get? I was between a pro series 850 from lowes or the Laredo 1000 from wallets globe.....but then I started reading about all the temp problems people are having with the pro series. There seem to be fewer problems with the Laredo...unless I am just not seeing them.

Would the Laredo be a good option? I'll be using this for mostly long cooks.

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