Stuck ash pan.


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Apr 11, 2023
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So our ash pan was stuck and I removed the 4 screws in the bottom of the smoker and removed the cover. I got the pan out. But when I got the pan out the rubber gasket came out. Any idea how much that part matters and how hard it is to reinstall? It's a rectangular rubber gasket. Thanks.
Rubber gasket


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Lubricate it with oil and put it all back together opposite of the way it came apart.
I got it back together. I'm asking about the rubber gasket. Any idea how much it matters? The rubber gasket is supposed to sandwich between the inner frame. I can't see it going back in unless I take the whole thing apart.
This is an old thread. Maybe you have the answer to your problem..

My ash tray got stuck after my first use.
Got it removed and noticed the heat had deformed the stainless surface behind the ash tray was deflected upward by the heat. That flat section is the bottom of the fire pot. It gets a lot of heat.

the deflection prevented smooth removal of the tray unit.

The fix was the use a SMALL hammer and GENTLY lower the deformed surface down to it's original level.
This happened after the first 2 or 3 cooks and the same fix was applied.
Issue hasn't cropped up again since.

Easy fix...just be gentle.

Have you moved onto the auger jams and auger/hopper fires yet?
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