Smoking brisket at 225 in 15 degree weather

Jan 30, 2021
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I smoked a 7-8lb brisket at 225 for about 7 hours. I wanted it to cook for 10 but it hit 205 by the 7 hour mark. In fact, the point went above that and was just a bit overdone.

I seasoned with Pappy's seasoning the night before and let it sit overnight in the fridge. My issue is that not much bark formed. It was slightly there, but not nearly what I imagined and saw pictured on other recipes.

It stayed on the smoker the entire time, no wrap. Only open the smoker twice to check on it.

I am thinking that it was just so cold outside that the smoker didn't actually stay at the 225 degrees. I have read that if the temperature was too low, no bark would form.

Any suggestions for the next one to get that delicious bark?
Thank you.
A pellet grill isn't the same as a stick burner and you get better bark out of a stick burner. Some of the people here have had great success with a brisket, I am sure they can chime in. I have heard that wrapping in butcher paper can help with the bark but I don't know. The only brisket I ever did last summer tasted like an old leather boot

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