Smokin Nuts


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Jul 12, 2021
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Greenville, SC
Gather your nuts and git ready to smoke!
Go ahead and fire up the smoker and get the smoke tube ready and lit. Cause this part is quick.
Lets start with a simple brine of 2 cups of water and 1/3 cup each of salt and sugar mix till dissolved. Use a little heat if necessary.
Soak nuts in brine for 10 no more than 15 minutes. Any more and yer just water logging them makin more water you have to cook out. Drain and reserve if you're doing more than one batch. Spread out in a even layer on pans. I use the cheapest foil pans I can find stabbed full of holes with a fork.
Now put them in the smoker and let the magic start. I run them on S (smoke) setting with a tube for 2 hours or until I see the excess moisture has evaporated. Stirring in between the puffs of smoke. LoL
There still not roasted at this point so if we wanted to add more smoke or another flavor profile. You can redo this step.
To roast them I raise temp up to 350-400 and stir/shake every 30 min till toasted. This you have to make a judgement call on when done. Start tasting and letting samples cool for tasting. Find your happy spot.
Now we have a batch of smoked and slightly salty sweet nuts. Enjoy a few and git ready to finish them in some different flavors.


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