Smoker shuts off randomly, No error codes


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Apr 19, 2020
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Hello everyone. I'm having an issue with my PBV4PS1 vertical pellet smoker shutting off in the middle of long smokes. The last couple of long smokes I've done overnight I'll wake up and my smoker has shut itself off and there is no error codes to be found. I turn it on and it starts right back up and works with no issues. It's almost like the power was shut off to it momentarily but as far as I can tell our power didn't go out. Ive had the smoker almost a year and have not had this issue before. Has anyone had a similar issue? Thanks in advanced!
Mine did it one time when I had the "P" setting set all the way up on the smoke setting. It got too cool and shutdown. So now I just leave it at the default of 4 (note: the verticals do not have a "P" setting). It probably had to do with living in Florida and the high humidity but once I set it back to 4 there were no problems.

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