Smoke Daddy Sear Station

I just got one about 4 days ago and already used it twice. Not exactly as thrilled as I thought I would be but like all new cooking gadgets it may take a few times to really learn how to properly cook on it. I think I may have too many of the lava rocks installed so I am going to pull some out and try again tonight. One thing I don't like about it is I can't drop the ash can down from out of the bottom with it installed but that is just a minor thing for me.
Wow, this was a long time ago! I purchased one as well and don't use it as much as I thought I would. I still like it and it does a good job of searing a larger area.
Good to hear you like it. I was searching for posts with this sear station so that is how I stumbled upon your old post. Do you load a lot of lava rocks in yours or just enough to cover the bottom openings?
I actually used less than what was provided. I sorted through them and used the larger pieces. I also played around with them until fit better if that makes sense... :unsure:
I get what you're saying, I took about halt the rocks out of mine last night and did some thin chops. So far I am not at all impressed with it, especially for the $100+ price tag. I am going to reach out to the Smoke Daddy folks and see if they have any advice for me. 99% of the reviews I have seen are all very positive so I am hoping I am just missing something or not doing it correctly. Only getting a minimal sear about the size of the fire pot. I am using it on a PitBoss 1150 series, temp set to High using Kingsford Hickory pellets. If they tell me anything revolutionary I will reply back.
I have the 850 so your larger cooking area may be the issue. Maybe try using the rocks to create less air flow over the pot and more air fanning out?

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