Setting me and my pit boss up for some good smoking.

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Mar 5, 2022
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Austin, Texas
Hi folks,
I'm a new pit boss owner, I have a grill delivered, and, I've done the best I can to set the grill up, and so far the first burn off has gone without a hitch. So now, I'm ready to start cooking something, but I have a few questions. I'm totally blind, so some of these questions may appear obvious, if you're watching YouTube videos, but I don't exactly know what's going on, except for some very brief explanations that are made from the various presenters.
FIrst, when you decide to smoke a piece of meat, whether it be a brisket, steak, or a burger, do you lay the meat directly on the grates without any kind of foil, or layer between the meat and the grade itself? I ask this, because I'm trying to find a good solution to keep the grates easily clean when I'm done. Second, right now I currently am using some pellets that I've purchased from H-E-B, our major Texas grocery store chain here in Texas that are composed of hardwoods. Is there an easy way to change those pellets if I decide to, say, use a cherry, pecan, or apple based pellets without having to finish off the entire hopper full of pellets I currently have loaded? Next, I'm using the smoke it app from the iOS App Store provided by Pit Boss, and there is this weird issue when I try to control the grill, where the app tells me that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are lost, I've contacted the App assist folks, and contacted Pitboss, and they've told me that there is an issue with the control board, so they're going to send me a new one. How difficult is this to change, is there any way to do this without site? Finally, and I suppose this is more of a throwback to my first question, what's the easiest way to keep this grill clean, so that it isn't a whole lot of effort, while still getting the most use out of the grill?
Thanks for any help you can give, I can't wait to really get cooking on this thing.
Welcome. I don't cover the grates. I use Pitboss de-greaser to clean. I also will turn up the heat a bit to burn off residue on the grill. Sometimes I cook on a bakers rack, but of course the grease will still drip down to the heat deflector.
Welcome to the forum. I prefer to use a non stick cookie sheet, sitting on the grates with a raised wire screen cooling rack placed on the cookie sheet to allow the heat and smoke to get to the meat evenly. Easy clean up, but you'll still need to vacuum the ash out of the fire box and surrounding area. Enjoy!!!

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