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Sep 8, 2021
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Have used Pro 850 8 times in three months. Did all the right things, cleaned it, shut down properly, ran it on higher heat for a few minutes, covered always, put it under a large patio umbrella. When went to grill and could not move the broiler slider as it was rusted shut! So was the broiler main plate and fire pot, with the housing and brackets that hold the broiler plate, plus the sides of the barrel. I was shocked to see the amount of rust, all on the inside of unit. Talked to Pit Boss and they said wire brush it, and coat it with cooking oil between cooks. I am very upset that a new grill only three months old is rusting as this is. I have had $200.00 Char Broils that lasted for years before rusting out. This Pit Boss at the rate it is going is lucky to last two seasons. To say I am not a happy cooker is an understatement.