Rust on front of PB pro 820


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Jun 2, 2021
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No. CA
I'm new here, and didn't come to complain about this, yet it is a little annoying.

I keep the smoker covered, I live in No CA ( California not Canada) and its really dry 9 months each year.

My front "pull up table" nut worked loose and I just removed the table to then find the rust behind it on the front of the "drum"

I've ready PB warranty doesn't cover rust so I'll attend to it later this summer.

I'll admit I haven't yet searched for prep and painting tips so if anyone has a link or two to share that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

fast forward to about 5:30. Not a Pit Boss but the same process

He paints the entire grill but on mine I just sanded and sprayed a small area, I didn't really care how the paint job looked
I sanded the rust away with my orbital sander and 100 grit paper and gave it a coat of krylon high temp (1200F) satin black that was on the shelf at Lowes.

Texture is gone in that area but it looks better and should be protected better.

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