Rookie Mistakes

My first rookie mistake was not putting the removable fire pot back in my 1600. I was cleaning it out and something came up and I was called away. When I got back I fired up the smoker opened the lid and went in to get the meat out of the house. I was watching for the white smoke to come and it never did. After about 5 minutes I went out to find pellets all over my bottom shelf.........that would explain it I thought, put the fire pot back in and off I went!
From a thread back in April...

Anyone else learned about smoke tubes the hard way? I keep my PB in the garage and roll it out when cooking. A couple of weeks ago I pulled a smoke tube out after cooking and set it on the driveway. About 4 hours and countless beers later I came out to dump the pellets thinking they would be out by that time. This was before before bed so I was wearing boxers. As soon as I tipped it over, winds with Godlike power caused the ash to cover my feet and legs. I still wonder if any of my neighbors saw an overweight guy in his boxers dancing up and down the driveway...

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