Replacing my old GMG, but with what?


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Feb 9, 2021
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Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new smoker after retiring my 9 year old GMG. I'm really having a hard time deciding though. I'm looking at a few different models, but mostly the new Pro Series 2 models. One thing that is really holding me back is that I learned that the temp adjustment increments are 25 degrees and I'm not really sure what to think about that. My GMG had 5 degree increments and I could bump the temp up to 235 or 240 if it was cooler outside or windy in order to maintain that 225 temp inside the smoker. The models I'm looking at are the Pro 600, Pro 850, Pro 1150, and Pro Series 4 Vertical. The 1150 is really a lot bigger than I would ever need, but I like the ash clean out tray and the 850 does not come with that. But I have read a lot of issues from people having trouble with lower temps on the 1150, replacing controllers, updates, etc. I don't want to buy something and then have to turn around and immediately update it. I was thinking that the 850 or 1150 would be more than enough for me. Or as another option, I was thinking about the Pro Series 4 Vertical and the little Pro 600 together and having a big vertical to do most of the bigger smokes and then having the small Pro 600 for doing smaller cooks or reverse sear cooks.