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Apr 27, 2020
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Hello eveyone..... I cooked 2 ten pound pork butts in my 5 series. I put them on 250 for like 3.5 hours and then planned them and covered them for another 6.5 until they were just over 200 degrees. The meat was done perfectly but I wish I had more smoke flavor. What do you suggest I do differently next time?
I did my first Boston butt over the weekend and let it go until internal temp was 165 (just over 8 hours). I wrapped it it foil and let it finish until it hit 205. I agree, not as much smoke as I thought it would have and it did have more smoke flavor than my Pit Boss pellet grill but I would also like more smoke.

I also have the A-Maze-N pellet tube but I didn't use it this time, maybe next time and I'll see how that turns out. You can find those at Walmart or Amazon. Really that might be the only thing you can do and like you I want more smoke but my family was fine with it and said they could taste the smoke. I am guess one of those guys who wants to eat and taste a smoke cloud!
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I would also try wrapping in butcher paper. I haven't done it yet, but others I've spoke with highly recommend it. I've also heard positive reviews on using the pellet tubes.

Pellets might help with the smoke flavor. What brand/flavor did you use?
I was using the pot boss competition blend. I am gonna try using the paper next time. Just wasnt sure how it would do with all the drippings a pork butt makes. Also was wondering what temp the smoke setting gets to. Thinking maybe I could run it on that a bit as well for some flavor.
Also, try dropping the temp to 225 for the first part of the cook. The slower cooking time will allow the meat to absorb more smoke flavor. Once you hit the midway point (160-165), wrap and adjust back to 250 for the remainder of the cook.
What are your average times for a 10 pound pork butt? I did it for 9.5 hours and only 3.5 unplanned. Then the remainder was under foil. I am hearing I need to smoke much longer.??????
I don't really follow a time, I just allow myself 12 hours total time, including rest time. I started mine off at 200 to get a lot of smoke. After 6 hours I turned it up to 250 until it hit an internal temp of 165 then wrapped it. When it hit 205 I then wrapped it in a towel and placed it in an empty cooler until everyone was ready to eat.
Wanted to test my pork butt plan for labor day with you smoke experts. I am trying to get timing right for a ~8 lb pork butt (assuming ~90 min/lb plus cooler rest time). Plan is to put on PBV4PS2 at midnight on very low and slow (smoke setting - mine is around 160-180 deg) , check internal temp at ~6 am, adjust temp up to 250 deg until internal temp ~160-165 deg, wrap in foil, put in oven at 250 until internal 201-203 deg, in cooler until time to eat. With this plan my intent is to have ready to pull and eat ~2 pm the following day. What do you think? I may even start at 10 pm, figure can't hurt to leave wrapped in cooler even longer. My fear is I have never left this smoker unattended for that long and no spraying the meat like I usually do every couple hours or less.... thanks for the advice, Bob
With a water pan I rarely spritz in a vertical. My concern would be not checking it out every couple of hours.
I have the same concern, will have a couple different thermometers running with alarms and knowing me, I will still get up every couple hours :)
I'd be worried of the water pan going dry, on page 12 of the owners manual for the PBV4PS2 you can raise the water pan a spot or two for a long smoke, water will last longer in the pan. I guess the heat deflector plate would have to be moved up also.
you will be fine leaving unattended that what I like about the PB4 . I just did a butt for a 10 hr smoke temp at 225 till internal temp of 200 I did not wrap it started basting with apple juice after about 6 hr of cooking . family loved it and was juicy with the low temp I have never run out of water on my pan