Problem with the grease drain on the Brunswick Platinum


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Apr 17, 2022
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Peralta NM
Hello to all. I don't know if anyone has experienced this problem but if you have I could use some advice. I smoked 4 large pork butts last night and some of my rub melted into the drain trough & drain tube and then burnt and caramelized clogging the narrow drain tub that runs into the grease catch basin. The problem is the trough is riveted to the inside body of the smoker and can not be removed. Here's what I've done so far. I've used a torch to heat up the tube and burn off some of the burnt sugars and spices. I've also used wire to ream out the tube. And then I poured hot water into the trough which is barely draining - drip drip drip is all I get. These worked a little but it's such a small tube and at a difficult angle to work any tools. So - has anyone experienced this problem? Any fixes? Danson's help line was very friendly but they had no help for me.
Thanks in advance!