Power outage mid-cook


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Aug 15, 2020
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Danville, CA
Hi all,

Does anyone know if the igniter is used once the smoker has started up? We're having a heat wave and expecting rolling power outages. So I could lose power while my ribs are smoking. Thinking ahead - if I loose power mid-cook, I can get by with 200W 12V to 120V power inverter to keep the auger and control panel operational as long as the igniter doesn't engage and up the draw.

I know I can disconnect the igniter in advance, do a maual start. But I really don't have time for a major disassembly/flip to do that.

Thanks in advance.


New forum member here. I've had the Series 5 Copperhead vertical smoker since June 2020 and LOVE it. I've done ribs twice, spatchcock chichen, tri-tip, mac-n-cheese, bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers. Everything has been outstanding. Ribs and poppers on the menu again today. Both are family favorites now.

The igniter only turns on during heat up. After the pellets start to smoke it turns off. You should be good to go using a generator or inverter to run the fan and auger if the power goes out. Just get to it quick if the power goes out otherwise it will flame out.

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