Platinum Laredo 1000 - temp issues/customer service

the Hellion

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Jul 26, 2021
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Hello all,
I purchased my Laredo 1000 on 06/08/21 to replace my Traeger Junior Elite that was destroyed in a storm. Everything worked perfectly up until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a periodic creaking followed by a clunk. shortly thereafter it struggles to get to temps above 350. it actually took 83 minutes to get to 500 degrees. I called Pit Boss customer service this Sunday (7/25/21). In only minutes I was speaking with a rep about the issues. Without hesitation she said she would send out a new controller and internal temp probe. Great customer service, let's hope that is the fix.
Unfortunately in less than 3 months, they have replaced the smokestack cap, the controller, and now I’m down another 14 days because of a bad temp probe. This is a great pellet grill when it works, but 3 replacements in less than 3 months…buyer beware. Pitt Boss customer service seems great because they give out new parts like candy at Halloween. How about making parts that actually last? i will never buy another Pit Boss, and will call Walmart tomorrow inquiring about returning it.