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Jan 7, 2021
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I have a 820 Pitt boss that is overheating. When i set the temp at 225, the heat continues up to 360 and higher. My pitt bosd is about 4 years old. Reading this post, a lot of you guys have the same problems. I spoke to a customer service tech and he informed that my digital temp panel is bad. Before I purchase a new one, can one of you pitt boss owners let me know if you agree with the tech.
Have you tried cleaning the RTD Temperature Sensor Probe in your PB820? If there’s to much buildup on the Sensor Probe, it will send incorrect readings to your grills controller. I would give that a try first or just buy a new one from Pit Boss. Your Grills Controller could be working fine, but if it’s getting a faulty reading from the RTD Sensor, then you’ll have these issues. Check the RTD Sensor first, before spending more money on a new Controller that you very well may not need. Good luck.

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