pitboss- PLEASE upgrade larado software!


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Mar 22, 2021
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new Hampshire
HEY PITBOSS! we need to discuss some commonsense things with your new smoker lineup...

i like the laredo- but 3 things really annoy the hell out of me, and I'm sure others also... even more frustrating are these issue are commonsense things that seems crazy your product design team didn't call out!

1) shut the damn logo & IT lights off when the power button is pushed! I get it- it's cute, but annoying AF at night- and it's silly to have the panel lit up when it's under a cover.
I simply don't feel comfortable having the thing "on" 24/7 and I know it's a matter of time before the led craps out. Plus, my deck is 12' off the ground, the power outlet is under the deck and out of reach, so now i keep a ladder out so I can unplag the stupid thing when I want it off. OR... how about offering a cord with a switch on it so we can actually shut it off during an electrical storm. c'mon- put some thought into it man!

2) my 4 year old PB820 will reach 450 - 500* in under 10 mins, the new laredo literally takes 30 minutes to reach 400* and that's with tinfoil blocking the smoke stack!
FEED THE PELLETS FASTER! when I set the dial to 450*, it shouldn't take 30 minutes to hit that target temp so I can grill some chicken and burgers up.

3) FIX THE PRIME FEATURE! yes, thanks for adding a prime button- it may be helpful if you actually fix the way it works tho- it literally times out 4x when priming the system (it takes too long and times out) or when trying to get more pellets into the firepot to get the temp up FASTER! there's no reason why the "prime" button cant have it's own over-ride to spin the auger faster than normal! it comes across as lazy programming!

please, just fix these issues- thousands of laredo owners with appreciate these upgrades!

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