Pit Boss Server Error

100% agree.

This topic is listed as the Pit Boss Forum's # 1 topic yet we hear nothing.

By chance is anyone experiencing a phenomenon where the temperature will be set at say for example, 250F on both the app and the smoker(Brunswick Platinum for me) only to walk out to the smoker and see it's actual temperature has changed 50 degrees higher or lower then your 'Set Temp?' No rhyme or reason which direction.

The chimney for the most part is adjusted based on temperature. High temp cooks use an almost fully open position and vice versa.

Nothing has been touched or changed. No doors have been opened on the smoker.

I'm using a very stable wifi connection on a TP-link Archer AX11000 router approx 20ft from the smoker with one 2x6 wall in between.

With a router like this, my biggest concern is not connection stability, it's getting cancer.

Bluetooth provides the same results.

The issue is.... I don't experience this problem as long as I haven't connected the app. If I turn the smoker on and use it as if there is no app then its within 5 degrees the whole time.

If I turn the app on, after a yet undetermined amount of time, the smoker temperature will start to either nose dive, or skyrocket while still showing the proper "Set Temp"
I think what it's doing is losing the connection but looking like it's still connected. I have to close it and reopen it all the time to change grill Temps while smoking. There is no fault showing, it just stops communication.
Sorry if there was any confusion, I fully understood you...and I agree with you.

I only tagged your name because you very deservedly criticized the SmokeIT app and @teejay replied with a message which totally ignored the content of your message, thanked you, and said he went out and bought it.

That is very typical behavior of a forum Bot that is meant to change the direction of the conversation just in case it reflects negatively on the product.

I could be wrong.... but this is not an uncommon practice.
TwoPumpChump - not a bot nor did I discount what rtreider had to say. I was replying to his statement " SmokeIT app, and that I failed back to it just so I could still monitor" which made me realize the SmokeIT app was still available.