Pit Boss Recipe Function

Steve In Pa

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Nov 3, 2021
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Southcentral Pennsylvania
I tried out the recipe function on my Pit Boss this week. Here's what I came up with.

First off, rather than outline how to set the recipe here, it's best to use their manual. But basically you set the time you want to run a given temperature for each step.

Follow the set up from the instructions from there in the manual. You'll need to be quick and patient.

Quick meaning don't dally as you go through the setting process. Too long a delay will take you back to start and you have to do it all over again.

Patience comes in when you successfully enter a program. Unless you heated up your smoker before programming, it looks like the actually program timers won't kick in until your target temp has been reached. Eventually you'll get there. You can tell when the timer function is working because the dots between the hour and minutes blinks on and off.

What I tried was doing smoked eggs. I set the first step at "S" for one hour. Then set the second step to 240 for 2 hours. (Actually I wanted 225 but it was a cold and breezy day so I had to compensate.)

The program worked, after the second step was done, it automatically goes into a holding mode of 180 to keep things warm.

One glitch I noticed the SMOKE IT APP did not recognize when the temp setting changed to 240 for step 2. It just showed "S" the whole time.