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Jun 5, 2021
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I'm a recent first time Pit Boss Forum viewer and noticed comments about the 700 Series (and other models) citing user problems; control issues/unstable and wide temperature variations; pellet feed problems; and decided to share how I managed to get these things corrected with a change.

I purchased the PB700FB(Flame Broiler) at Ace Hardware about 4 years ago and it performs to my expectations now. However, that is not what happened starting with the first several cooks. I was new to wood pellet grills and figured I needed to get settled in with a few runs (already experienced and definitely can ‘throw down on ‘da BBQ’... I wanted to add a grill that could smoke, bake, roast, sear, and braise too). My many years on the old 50-gallon BBQ barrel got a respectful adios in favor of the Pit Boss and the price was fair enough.

It soon became apparent my newness to the pellet grill was not the issue. My electrical and mechanical knowledge drew attention to the digital control unit because it did not cooperate no matter the dial settings and attempts to match it with the "P" settings (timed pellet flow-basically auger motor delay times P-0 to P-5). A fortuitous encounter happened while doing some research led to a decision to drop $60 on a different control unit before putting the unit out for the Salvation Army while primed to spend the extra dough and get a Traeger grill. I could only think of the axiom, ‘The bitterness from poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price”.

So, I bought the Stanbroil Digital Thermostat Kit (Model: Z005-PB-BK). On a Saturday afternoon, I placed the unit on the grass, turned it on its side and began the removal and installation. The turnaround time was under two hours. I was patient and deliberate to avoid mistakes. [This task is ONLY recommended to someone with electro-mechanical knowledge and have experience]. All of the hardware materials, paper work and instructions were received and easy to follow. From that day forward the grill does what I want with the control settings I choose.

Take note…stable smoking temperature cannot happen if the lid is opened too often during the cooking cycle. So, plan opening times to spritz and/or turnover meat.

Notes. The Stanbroil has three speed settings: SMOKE (160-180F); MEDIUM (225- 275F); and HIGH (350-400+F). Temperature fluctuation is less than 10 degrees, but often the RTD Temperature Sensor reading on the control unit almost matches the Dome Thermometer and holds. (The control unit dial settings are: Off; Smoke; 200; 225; 250; 300; 350; 400; 450; 475; High). The Dome Thermometer has 50 degree increments from 100 to 700 degrees. I have the "P" setting at #4 (it can only be changed when the dial setting is 225F). My startup temperature is always 250F. After a 5-minute burn-off it is set to the preferred temp for 5-10 minutes to stabilize…. I’m good to go. BTW if heavy smoke flavor is in order, I fire up the tube smoker and place it in the rear.

My next unit. Will accommodate full size turkey....min.15lb.

Shutdown. At the end of cooking, I turn the unit to HIGH for 5 minutes to burn excess in fire-pot, then open lid to wire brush excess grease from the grills. Afterwards, turn dial to the off position and allow the fan cool-down cycle.

Clean-up. I vacuum fire pot thoroughly (after 3 uses) including excess pellet ash inside the barrel. I like to use an angled-narrow width putty knife to scrape excess grease in the barrel, including the flame broiler slider and diffuser. I do not use soap and water to clean inside because I like the little amount of grease film remaining to smoke at start up and maintain that BBQ flavor in the drum.

Disclaimer. This information was provided as user shared information only and not intended as a claimed or recommended fix for others experiencing similar issues.

Notice. I welcome Pit Boss to publish technical specifications with regard to the digital control and electo-mechanical quality and performance (fail-rates) for ALL models of their pellet grills. The temperature
variations must be a small percentage within a specific range and stable when the unit is properly used.


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