Pit Boss Pro with a Camp Chef PID Controller


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Feb 16, 2021
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Auburn, CA
There are features of the Pit Boss Pro that I really like and dislike. Same with Camp Chef pellet grills, There are Pit Boss grills in stock in local stores (Lowe’s and Walmart). Returnable too. Camp Chef grills are only available online without an easy return process.

Pitt Boss overall seems to have fairly solid construction with poorly designed PID controllers. Their WIFI and App support through a 3rd party is less than desirable. In my experience in the tech industry, I see no long term ownership of the App and improving the customer experience. Not being able to do over the air firmware updates of the Pit Boss PID controller is a non starter. Seeing the problems folks are having with the Pro 1150 makes me want to run away from Pit Boss altogether.

Camp Chef’s Gen 2 PID controller with WiFi appears to be one of the better controllers on the market. Over the air firmware updates work. Pellet grills drive parts: fans, auger motors, igniters are all the same across the pellet grill industry.

Has anyone put in a Camp Chef Gen 2 PID WiFi controller into a Pit Boss grill? The cost of a Pot Boss Pro grill, and add in the cost of a Camp Chef Gen 2 PID WiFi controller is the same or less cost than a new Camp Chef grill.

Buy a Pit Boss Pro 850 and see how it works. The first sign of controller issues replace it with the Camp Chef Gen 2 WiFi controller. One could also go down the path of adding in a SmokeDaddy PID controller. But that overall solution is more expensive.
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That controller looks aesthetically pretty amazing...! Had never seen it before....very nice Huge LCD with OTA updates. They seem to be having a lot of issues with their bluetooth/wifi and the App as well, according to the reviews. Not sure why connectivilty is an issue...because the Antenna is HUGE! This might be a good replacement for the Series 4 V2 controller....it looks to be almost the same size. I am installing a quick switch plate/connectors this weekend to install my RecTec controller that I have inside my S4 V2.....so I can swap back and forth easily. I also have one of the Pit Boss 1150 controllers coming to test out as well.

But this camp chef looks really nice....will keep any eye on this one for sure....hopefully they come down in price a bit....$200 is pretty steep for a stand alone controller.....but there are not that many on the market.


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