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Pit Boss Pro Series Temp Setting Issue


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Dec 24, 2021
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Hello all! New forum member here with a vertical smoker (Pit Boss Pro Series). Have used it 3 times now and love it!!! Cooking a Christmas prime rib roast today and came across an issue. Not sure if I did something to cause this and if so, how to undo it.

Using both the app and control panel, I can only set temperature at 5 degrees or 140+ degrees F. The control panel and app cycles from 5 straight to 140, nothing in between.

Strangely, prior to this I could only set temperatures in 10 degree increments. I thought that was just how it is so never thought much of it. Now it shows at 5 as the lowest setting but jumps straight to 140 from there, then 10 degrees increments there on.

No idea what going on. Tried shutting down, unplugging, letting it cool off and restart. Still no change.

Any ideas?

Thanks Mike From R.I.

I called Pit Boss today (yes, Christmas Eve) and left a call back number. Couldn’t believe they called me an hour later, on Christmas Eve! I was shocked to hear from them. They explained what Mike From R.I. said and were extremely helpful. Great customer service!