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May 10, 2019
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Austin, TX
Just looking for some current reviews & feedback on the new 2019 Pit Boss pro series. Any major issues? How's it holding up?
Purchased this and it smoked well for about two months, 4-5 smokes. Then began receiving error code ERL. Called customer service and was promised a new control board with fast shipping. Two weeks no control board. Called back and was told it would be sent out as soon as one was available. One month now, no control board. Called on three more occasions, no part received. Either the employees are not telling the truth or their customer service is way below standard. Loews refused to refund as it was 30 days past the return window.
Wow, sorry to hear about all the troubles. I can understand that Lowes won't give you a refund, but maybe the could replace it? Please keep us posted when you finally get this issue resolved.
Second controller arrived, took smoker apart to install, still same error code. Called pit boss, they're sending a third controller and new thermostat but the thermostat is on back order. Who would replace it? The pit boss warranty states it will replace defective parts only?
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