pit boss laredo 1000 ash tray difficult to open and close?


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May 21, 2021
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Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a Pit Boss pellet grill, pretty sure I'll get the Laredo 1000. I got a chance to look at one today at Walmart and was really impressed with the features it has to offer over my old Rec Tec. The problem I find with it was that the ash tray was quite difficult to get open/closed. I really had to force it to get it pulled out and forcing it to push it back in. Does this get easier the more it's used, just thought it was odd. I also looked at another model that has the easy clean out with a latch type system. It was easier but still thought it was something to be improved on. If anyone has a Laredo 1000 and wouldn't mind sharing some feed back on this issue and your overall thoughts of the smoker?
There must have been a problem with assembly because it is very easy to slide in and out, but is at about a 30 degree angle and have to slide it in that direction.

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