Pit Boss K24 Ceramic Charcoal Grill Top Alignment


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Jun 18, 2020
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Purchased Brand New yesterday, assembled, seasoned and first use. This morning read manual again and check/tightened all hardware. Upon inspection I noticed the top sits about an inch back so it will not align with the botton or the shock absorber. Loosend all the hardware and tried to pull top foorward to align. I snugged up the hardware and the lid still sits more than 1/2 inch back. The hinge does not look bent as in some other posts. The hinge looks to be too short on the top for the lid to reach forward enough to fit properly on the felt gasket. I have emailed the company after waiting on hold for 2 hours with no answer. I am reaching out to see if anyone has had these issues with the hinge or the company. Any feedback would be appreciated. This unit will be returned to Costco if this is not resolved.

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