Pit Boss controller


Sep 26, 2022
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Newcastle upon Tyne, England
I just finished intalling a new controller on my second 550PB grill. The first one nearly burned a hole in the bottom of the grill, so they replaced it with one with a blown controller. Great customer service. I contacted pitboss thinking and proving its always better to go to the source rather than some jack of all trades salesman who only knows the proper gibberish to sell a grill.
Pit Boss sent me three troubleshooting guides that were on the money. I studied them for a week and compared them to the grill, and now I can be a Pit Boss tech. I would if I were younger.
But anyway, I have finished and will go out and fire it up for a burn off. If anyone needs the pit boss manuals, I have three that came from Pit Boss and didn't come with the grill. Just say so and your will will be done.