Pit Boss 850 Says No Pellets


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Jul 4, 2021
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Fort Worth, TX
New Pit Boss never used. Tried burn off but pellets took over an hour to reach fire pot with me constantly pressing prime button. I removed pellets & started over. Pellets ignited but 10 mins later Err no pellets came on, however the hopper was half full. I spent next 30 mins holding prime button but nothing happened. I have no idea what to do & my entire holiday has been ruined. Do I return this thing, exchange or just give up ? I called support & they said it should take no more than 5 mins for pellets to move down & ignite. Is that correct?
I agree with Dan. I have a 820 and right after I seasoned it the display went out. They sent me a new one but something like a auger issue is way different

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