Pit Boss 1150 update

Anthony Long

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Jan 12, 2021
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Sanger Texas
Man the update did wonders to the smoker! Smoked a meatloaf at 250 for 4 hours and it didn’t twitch a bit! Smoked a pork but at 250 for 12 hours didn’t twitch a bit. Smoked ribs at 230 for 6 hours didn’t twitch a bet! This 1150 is sweet! Also some advice lay foil down under the 4 small grates EVERY time you smoke , will catch all the grease and such from landing on your sear plate ! Not fun having to clean it after every cook, keeps the sear plate from sticking from all the gunk ! Also I found the small hole for the temp probes you route to keep them from laying under the smoker lid ! Also if you want more smoke to your meat, I lay wood chips on top of a pan, light them up and they add some good flavor !

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