Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series Availability

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Jun 8, 2021
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Just joined the forum. I finally decided to get a 1150 Pro Series from Lowe's but not there is no stock around the central Texas area. This includes the Austin area. There were a few in the Houston area but now they are gone.

When is Pit Boss going to supply Lowe's?
Now that I started this thread, I found out my local Lowe's store got 7 of the 1150 Pro Series in.

I got it put together and so far so good. This one has the updated controller firmware. So, that is good.

I wished it had a shelf hanger like the 1600 and the pellet dump isn't as good as the 1600. I guess the designers never really tried it. The problem is unless you have a skinny container that will sit close to the dump port the pellets spill everywhere. Bitch bitch, I know. Haha.
With the upper shelf I it's kinda crowded. But the sear section looks like it will work pretty good.

All and all I think this is gonna be a pretty good smoker/grill. Looks my Chargriller is going to be handed down to my daughter. It worked pretty good but didn't sear and no pellet dump port. Otherwise it worked pretty good.

So tomorrow let's see what I can cook up. I may start with some Fajitas.

Cook on my friends!

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