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Jun 11, 2020
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I hope I am posting this in the correct place.
I am new to the pellet smoke. I have the PB 4 Pro Series. They say when finish a smoke you should empty the hopper, then burn whatever is left.

Question #1: What would happen if I do not put enough pellets into the hopper where the pellets would run out doing a smoke if I’m unaware that it was empty.

Question #2: About how many hours it will take to burn five pounds of pellets smoking it 225 degrees

# 1 - If it runs out of pellets the fire will go out. Never let it run out during a cook. I have a PB 340 (small pellet grill) and it holds 5 pounds of pellets.

# 2 At 225 I believe 5 pounds will last at least 5 hours.

More info here

Scroll down to "How long do pellet last?".

I've never had mine run out. I've left it alone for up to 4 hours and no issues and I keep a "tumbler" cup in my pellet bag, When it needs more I just scoop some up with the cup and pour them in.

My other Pit Boss (Series 3 Copperhead) holds about 45 pounds so I never worry about it running out. In fact I never even fill it up I just put about 20 pounds in at a time. I never remove my pellets unless I am changing blends but I keep the grills covered with covers and a roof so they are completely out of the rain. Florida is very humid but my pellets still burn with no problems.

I also have several 5 gallon buckets. I keep them full of pellets and seal the lids when they are in storage. This is the best way to store pellets.

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