Pellets clog at the hopper


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Feb 12, 2022
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I have pit boss pro series 7 vertical. I can’t leave it during a cook. The pelletss get clogged at the auger and don’t drop into the auger. I keep a 3’ stick nearby, every 10-15 minutes i check it. Nearly every time you can tell that they’re wedged and not dropping in hopper.
Any one experience this issue? Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
What brand of pellets are you using? I have the PBV4PS2 and use a wooden rod to keep the pellets moving every few hours.
I’ve used all different brands of pellets. Same issue. I have a wooden stick and doing same as you, but it’s every 10-15 minutes.
I have the PV4PS2 -- I sift all my pellets first in to airtight buckets. I will also mix pellets and this helps mix them. I throw a couple large silica gel packs in there. Never had a clog, yet.

Depending on where I get the pellets, they can be beat to death and the dust and the little pieces can accumulate to create a clog.
Try screening your pellets before putting them in the hopper. Removing dust and broken pellets will help avoid auger clogs. especially in humid climates
I’m like Mike
Call pitboss support
Sounds like a controller issue to me Bubba
A hopper full of pellets is caused by a vacuum forming at the discharge chute and pulling the pellets out of the hopper. This is because the chute is too small or the hopper is way too big for the air volume of the shop. Solution: Try to keep a two: one ratio of hopper width to chute width. So for a 4′ wide hopper, I would make a 2′ chute. By doing this, the pellets will have a place to be stored while the chute doesn’t have room for the vacuum to form. Also, check your venturi *******, you may be sucking too much air to run the blower.

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