pellet milage


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Oct 6, 2021
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I have been using a 700sq in pitboss for a few years and am wanting to upgrade. I'm looking at the AustinXL that walmart sells. It's a 1000sq in unit. I am wondering if there is a noticeable difference in pellet usage between the different size models. If I grill 50 times a year I may only need the added capacity 3 or 4 times but it would be nice for those times. It seems to me it will take more pellets to heat a larger area but just how many more? Anyone have any thoughts or experience on this?
I have the 1600 pro series. It is the largest that Pit Boss has to offer. It is pretty efficient. The 1600 has a 32 lb hopper and on a really long low and slow overnight brisket cook (16-18 hours) I still will have maybe 10 lbs left in the hopper. I think the PID controller has alot to do with the efficiency. The Austin XL does not have a PID controller, but that doesn't mean it isn't efficient. Maybe someone who has that model will chime in as well.