PBV4PS2 vertical smoker vent stack - question


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Sep 6, 2021
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salinas aca
I have two additional temperature probes in my vertical smoker
one on the lower rack, and one on the second to the upper rack.

i continue to monitor the temperature of what the Pitsboss embedded pro measures
vs the lower probe and the upper probe.
I see a 30 degree difference between the lower probe and the upper probe.

the vent cap is bottomed out and there is till a gap there.. since there is no vent control on this unit. I loosely-rolled up a few paper towel up long wise and stuffed it around the vent pipe, just under the cap. I now see the temperature of the upper probe more in line with the lower probe - within 10 degrees or less. and its holding pretty steady.

Is this ok to do? as with the paper towel there, there is still air flow; I can feel it.

any thoughts, concerns?
I have the same smoker, I wouldn't block the vents/chimney. Mine is half way open all the time. Bottom rack and top rack will be a little hotter as the bottom rack is near the heat and top rack is well....heat rises. If you need more smoke taste to your food, try a smoke tube. Gotta let the smoker breath and prevent a ERRH code.
I agree it needs to breath, just like any smoker, but with the large gap on the vent design (no real difference in closed vs fully open that I have been able tell) I don't see any harm with what u are doing, but I would use foil, not a paper towel....I did the same as you but used foil and it seemed to help the temp profile. But I watched very closely.

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