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PBV4PS2 Not connecting to app


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Apr 10, 2021
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I just purchased the PBV4PS2 smoker today and assembled it and did my first burn off on it. While it was doing its thing I downloaded the Smoke IT app on my Android phone. I opened the app and turned on my Bluetooth and my Bluetooth was able to pair with the smoker on my phone. When in the app it shows my smoker on the menu and when I click to connect it, it just loads and wont ever connect to it. Am I doing something wrong and is this normal?
Call App Assistant 877-303-3134 they will help you over the phone with the app. If they say you need a new controller like me call Pit Boss
877-303-3134 option 2 . App Assistant will tell you they ordered it , but they can't, it has to be Pit Boss at the option #2 number. I've been waiting since February for my controller as they are on back order. Other than that, I love the smoker. Don't waste a month like I did thinking it was order by App Assistant if indeed it's a bad controller.