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Jan 21, 2021
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Long time smoker, new to pellet cooking.

Got this smoker for Christmas as a present.......it was purchased from Lowes in Sept................not sure if returning for refund is an option now as the 90 day window at Lowes has past.

Rough start, went to register and this model was NOT listed as an option. First hint of problems.

Tried to do the initial start up and ignitor wouldn't heat up, after 30 min I quit. Came back to it the next morning and after dumping more pellets into pot it lit, completed the Burn Out as described in manual.

One week later I tried a brisket, smoker seemed to do what it was suppose to but being a newbie the meat was disappointing. I considered that part of the learning curve.

One week later I again try a brisket, after 30 min things are doing great (250*). One hour into cook I check and temp dropped to 110.....105.......ErL

Call customer service, 30 min hold and "Kyle" answers. Describe issue......"Flame out", check chimney cap (Same position as prior week) He says it should be all the way up

Restart......Wait Kyle let's clear the code.......unplug 10 sec. Okay set at 200 and turn on......Hey Kyle , that's not in the manual. He says "WE have found this to be a better option"

No ignite, pellets not feeding........."You have an auger jam" "Follow the good youtube video on clearing it". He goes on to ask when was last time used (1 week) and says can't leave pellets in over a week due to humidity. WTH. A 40# hopper capacity but have to empty after each use? conversation goes downhill from there...............

I figured out how to remove auger, no sign of "Jam" or "Swelled pellets", released freely. Put back together and worked fine.

NONE of his answers are in the manual or any of the described issues. Pit Boss sends me weekly soliciting emails but can't send a tech bulletin on start up change? YouTube for service? Not even posted by PitBoss. A lot of "Shade Tree" fixes by buyers posted. Long waits on customer service line indicate that a lot of people are having issues.

Too many problems so early, I believe there is a problem with the control board.

I salvaged my cook on my neighbor's Masterbuilt, turned out pretty good.
Lowes won't take it back due to their return window.

So now left to rely on Pit Boss. Not encouraged. Junk is junk
Contacted PB, reply from customer service listed several things to check regarding the issues I described in most recent "case".

All of which pertained to a GRILL.......not the vertical smoker I have.
I specifically requested a new control board.....that wasn't mentioned in reply.

Stay away from Pit Boss if you are looking.
It's crazy how they keep changing and recommending one thing or another.

You'd think it was the space shuttle with what they want you to do before and after each cook
After a lot of "Try this, Did you do that, What kind of soap do you use to clean, etc.", now waiting on new controller to be shipped.

They relented when I asked them to explain why I couldn't turn it off by pressing the button.................
Been a week since controller was ordered, warranty replacement, back ordered but "expected shortly".

Updated to 4-6 weeks ...........

Junk, stay away from Pit Boss
Im having issues with the new version of your smoker. they told me that the fan had "remagnitized itself and was turning the wrong way" so they sent a new fan that is on a tour of the country right now.
PB hasn't had any urgency this entire time. They should be boycotted.

Selling "Junk" with no timely back up service or offer of company return since Lowes is off the hook...........
Well, Well, Well

Contacted Danson's President with an email I found from his response to a lawsuit.

He replied within 30 minutes, refered my email to another "Upper" and that fellow called.

will keep ya'll posted
Spoke with "George", Dansons' Head of Quality Assurance.
Discussed issues, he agreed I got a unit with a bad controller right out of the box. Offered to replace with a new Series 5 unit since getting a replacement controller has dragged out and no assurance of when it would be.
When asked what the difference in the 5 vs 4 ....... basically same unit, with same controller..............
Discussed going back through Lowes for refund, He could only offer replacement.

Stay tuned
Well, Well, Well

Contacted Danson's President with an email I found from his response to a lawsuit.

He replied within 30 minutes, refered my email to another "Upper" and that fellow called.

will keep ya'll posted
Can you kindly post his e-mail address here?

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