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PB1150PS2 Start-up/temp step experiment


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Jan 5, 2021
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Elk Grove CA
Ok so, I decided to burn some pellets & take notes. Weather conditions...about 60deg cloudy, mild fluctuating breeze. This is an account as it went.

From push of start button...no touch on temp...just start.

3mins - 1st smoke, pot igniting
6mins - 150
10mins - 180, held, still no adjust on temp
15mins - 180, still holding, still no temp adjust made. Smoking. Seems to go to & hold at 180 from start push, again no temp adjust, just start & leave it..180.
18mins - 180, no change, bump to 200
25-27mins - bounced around 194-199
30mins - 200, holding.
38mins - 200, holding, bump to 225
47mins - 225, bounced over to 230, settled back to 225, holding.
52mins - 225, holding, bump to 250, system compensating & fell slightly under 225...
.Damn, lost track of time/distracted while prepping ribs & havin a couple beers. ;-)
Temps fluctuated around 230-240....bumped prime a couple times to add a bit to firepot & get it to 250...once at 250, holding good. Several racks of ribs in 4hrs (wrapped at 2.5, open flamed at 4). Delicious.

Keep in mind, I purposely let it stay at various temps to check holding patterns. It would have gone up to temp much quicker had I let it get to 180 & went straight to 250 (or whatever temp) from there instead of the checkpoints at 180, 200, 225.

So my recommendation. Simply hit start & walk away for 10-15mins. Then come back and set your temp & see how it goes. Hope that helps someone.

Grill on.