PB Vertical series 3


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Sep 17, 2020
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My master built analog smoker is on its last legs and considering a series 3 either analog or digital haven’t seen good reviews on these units but would like to hear from owners on this forum about problems? Thanks in advance.
I have a series 3 and it has been very dependable. Never had an issue with it at all (had it about a year now). Always a good cook on the series 3 vertical.
I got a Series 3 electric smoker for Christmas and have used it three times. I really enjoy the convenience of having it on my porch and not worrying about burning the house down. My only issue has been that the temperature never gets above 300F, but I doubt if I'd ever smoke any hotter than that.
Odd, mine will easily go above 400 if I choose to do so. Might depend on the outside cool weather but I am in Florida so I hardly ever cook in the cold.
outside temps will definitely effect smoker temps. years ago i used the cardboard box my electric smoker came in as a jacket to help keep the heat in.

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