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Overtemp problem

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Jul 16, 2020
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I bought a copperhead vertical smoker couple months ago. Third time using it temp went to 500 degrees when set at 225 Luckily I was watching the pork shoulder pretty closely , since this was new. It then went to error mode now It won't maintain the temp. I sent an e-mail to pitt boss support and got a case number but haven't gotten any reply except for Their Corona virus message. It has been over three weeks with no reply from them. Any ideas on what would be the problem.
Yes, it seems your RTD probe went bad. I had this same issue on my pellet grill. Would go to 500 degrees then ErH code.

First do this: Clean it out, then put a temp probe inside the smoker and close the door. Put it on the shelf above the heat shield. More than likely it will error out before it reaches 500 meaning that the temps on the controller are incorrect. See if you can get it to hold a steady temp (which you probably will not be able to do). I put mine on the smoke setting and it still read 500 and then ErH but when my probe was on the grate it never got above 200 for the short time it would run.

Call Pit Boss, starting a case on their website is useless. 1-877-303-3134 and leave a call back number after 3 minutes of hold time. Explain to them the issue and more than likely it is the internal temperature probe.

Then you wait.... And wait... And wait some more... Then you hurry up and wait! It will take a while for it to ship. When mine went bad I got tired of waiting and ordered one from Amazon. Keep in mind this was my Pit Boss pellet grill and not my vertical, I think the verticals have a different probe (at least the one in mine looks different than the one in my grill).

It might be THIS probe but I am not 100 % certain:

And this probe says it is compatible with all Pit Boss Vertical smokers but it looks longer.