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Sep 12, 2020
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how do you stop briskets and boston butt from getting the side on grate from getting overdone. I have done 2 briskets and 1 boston butt amd every time so far the side that is on the grate gates overdone, I put the meat in the middle so its over the fire pot so I assuming this is why....any suggestions?
I do that already but because its right over fire pot it burns up.
I cook fat cap down and I can put it on the left side to get it from directly over the fire pot.
The way most pellet smokers are built the fat cap protects it from the heat being so close to the meat, when cooking fat side down. In a vertical smoker you can cook fat cap up just move it higher from the heat source.
I do fat cap up for 3 hours, then down for 3 hours. Wrap it in foil or use foil pan covered. Cook in its own juices and is super tender.
I have the pitt boss copperhead 7 vertical and have to run a water pan I moved it up from the fire box and use a temp gauge on my cooking racks to see what my temps are. I end up running the dial at 250 or 275 to hold my 220-230 preferred temp