No power to Austin LX help!!!


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Oct 23, 2020
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Buffalo, ny
I was smoking some beef bones for the dog and all of the sudden it stopped and had no power. I have checked the outlet and the breaks and I got nothing. Anyone have this happen or know what to do to fix it?
Second time it happened to me last night.. first time was thanksgiving day! They sent me a new control board and has been working fine since December.. last night it acted up again.. wouldn’t turn on.. kept trying, unplugging and plugging back in.. finally after about 5 attempts it turned on.. started smoking and all was going good. Went out to check and it turned off in middle of cook with flame pot burning off pellets with no fan. Was brutal smoke smell, not the good smell. Finished chicken on gas grill and was almost uneatable due to abnormal smoke flavor. Emailed them again this morning to try to get another control board. Grill is just over 2 years old and have gone thru a control board, auger and now another control board. So far customer service has been great so hoping to get another board expidited so can smoke a turkey this year... Get in touch with [email protected] and report how you make out.. also, try the unplugging and replugging in a few times and see if it will give you the blue power glow.. good luck!
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I purchased a new Austin XL yesterday. It won't turn on either. Display says L01 for about a second then goes off. The unit will not turn on at all. PB says control board, But I'm wondering if it is something else. Maybe the fuse or cord. I'll be checking those this evening after work.
L01 is the software version of the control board.
I received a new control board for my Lockhart, and it flashes L02 when starting up.