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No grease in grease cup


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Jun 20, 2021
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I just did my second smoke on my new PB PRO S4V2.

The first was a six hour smoke of ribs and the second was a 11 hour smoke of a Boston Butt.

After each one I had lots of grease in my water tray and on the vented tray above the water, but the rear grease catcher was bone dry.

Any suggestions?
Just to add mine is level too and Ive done a few smokes and for whatever reason a lot of it falls into the drip pan or burns up on the cover that’s above the pan. I did have some in my grease trap tho, not much but it was there.
Make sure your heat deflector is in correctly. That little handle is not a handle, but a stop. It should be hitting the rear wall.
As it turns out, I had the tray backwards and in the wrong slot. Other than that all was good.
Thanks for the advice, I can't wait to try it now.