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Jun 24, 2020
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Custer, South Dakota
I have called the Customer Service number. Nobody answers after waiting 60 minutes, left my phone number for them to contact me. So far it's been 1 week and no response. Also posted a issue on the Customer Service website with no real response. Only get a robo reply saying Due to Carona it will take a couple days. So far it's been a week and no response. Even stopped at RUNNINGS where I bought the Grill and they couldn't get anybody to answer the phone.
My grill doesn't maintain temp. Shuts down with Er2 and Er3 codes. The temp display only reads 032 degrees. Cleaned the temp probe inside the grill and checked connections. It will read for about 10 minutes then go to 032 degrees and shut down. Now I see why they can offer a 5 year warranty. Because it will take that long for them to answer an issue.
I would call everyday in the morning and leave a call back number. Don't waste time on hold. I called 4 days in a row in the late afternoon and never got a call back. Called around 7AM one day and finally someone called back within the hour. I am not on Facebook but I also heard they respond there pretty quick. Those ER codes are annoying. My temp probe went bad so they are sending a new one but right now they are on back order.

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