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Oct 24, 2020
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Directions suck. Trying to smoke some back straps. Temp is very very slow to getting anywhere. 2 hours and only at 200 degrees. Smh. pOS. Don’t see any smoke and this thing is garbage. Please. Anyone help. Power on. Set. Temp set timer. And wait for it to get to temp. Anything I am missing.
Did you do a burn in at 350? Sounds like you have a bad controller out of the box. What model?
Never gets that high. How do you do it. Could you walk me through it.
Notice my heat element doesn't get red like some. So. This is a turd.
They told me an extension cord can have an impact on it but when I did my burn in I used a 100 foot cord with no problems but I wouldn't use one that long on a cook. You should probably call customer service and on Sunday it's easier to reach them. Just Google Pit Boss Customer Support and it should come up.

If your ignitor isn't red then it is bad. It should turn on, light the pellets then turn off
Never gets that high. How do you do it. Could you walk me through it.
I had a cheaper electric grill that would almost totally refuse to work until I changed the extension cord. I now use a 12 ga, 3 wire cord with my Pit Boss Vertical and now have zero problems. If yours is a 16 or 14 gauge IMO, that is a problem.
Don’t see your model, mine series 3. It has a 1650 watt element.
Most likely you are plugged into a receptacle on a 15 amp circuit. So without tripping breaker, to get full power it needs 110 volts at the unit. (P=EI, 1650=110x15)
It is not uncommon to see voltage AT THE SERVICE ENTRANCE that low occasionally or even frequently. You get voltage drops every step on the way to the smoker.
A house 15 amp circuit likely is wired with 14 gauge. You lose about 8 volts for every 100 feet of wire, so would like to plug in as close to breaker panel as possible.
Would like to plug the smoker cord directly into the receptacle, not always possible.
So Will want the heaviest and the shortest extension cord possible.
For every 100 feet, you lose about 12 volts over a 16ga, 8 volts over a 14ga, and 5 volts over a 12 ga.
It’s easy to see how it is common for people to be ‘starving’ their heating element, and failing to achieve maximum temperatures.

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